Dietary Management Software

Tracking and managing your resident's dietary needs is critical to managing costs and the enjoyment of the resident's meal experience.

A simple cost effective system that you can depend on that is based upon your needs is what we can provide.  The Dietech Family of Programs has different levels based upon your requirements.  The pricing on the Dietech Program many times will cost you less than what you currently pay in monthly or annual fees with the ability to grow as your needs change.

eTableServ is our newest addition.  A touch screen menu application that can be customized to your needs and allows staff to select from a specific menu adapted to the resident's dietary needs at the table side or bedside. 

Nutritional Assessment is another program within the Dietech Family.  This program allows your staff or consulting dietitian to perform all the activities associated with nutritional assessments and screenings.

The programs above are just two (2) of the Dietitian Series Signature Programs available.  If you would like to learn more, please refer to the "software" tab on the PRIME Services homepage, or go directly to

For more specific information, or to schedule a webinar, please contact Janice Sawyer at 866-585-3344, Ext. 117, or email



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