PRIME Services Acquires DietBook, LLC

PRIME Services is pleased to announce that we have acquired DietBook, LLC.  DietBook is an innovative, national computer software program designed for LTC dieticians to significantly reduce documentation time.  It features 10 different computerized nutrition assessments.  RAP's, Care Plans, instant kcal/pro/fluid need calculations, monthly/weekly weight tracking including 30/90/180 day significant changes, track diets, supplements, thickened liquids, adaptive equipment, TF calculations and tray tickets.

PRIME Services will be incorporating all the features of DietBook into Dietech.  Dietech is an all-encompassing software program designed to track and manage the nursing facilities resident's food service needs.  With the acquisition of DietBook, Dietech will now be offering a full suite of nutritional assessments as well.

Based on studies conducted, Dietech can save nursing facilities over twenty hours per week.

Current DietBook Customers can upgrade to Dietech from now until September 30, 2011 at a special discounted rate.

For more information on Dietech, please visit our website at

PRIME Services

PRIME Services, from its original roots as a purchasing and consulting company in 1983, has grown into one of the largest group purchasing organizations for nursing homes and assisted living communities across the United States.

Today, PRIME Services has three divisions, all focused on removing costs from the supply chain while increasing operational efficiency. The three divisions are; Group Purchasing and Custom Contracting, Consulting and Purchasing Services (CAPS), and a Technology Division

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