Managed Order Guide

A term that we seem to be hearing about more and more is “Managed Order Guide”.  A managed order guide helps direct the person placing orders to the specific product that has been approved for use at your operation. The purpose of the managed order guide is to maintain a consistency in terms of the product being ordered.  The product that has been approved for use within your organization should have been evaluated for quality as well as price considerations.  These product evaluations must be an on-going endeavor and not a one-time event.

The products that your organization has evaluated and decided on are products that meet the needs of your operation; therefore, product substitutions by your supplier need to be frowned upon.  The managed order guide, in addition to providing a brief description, should also provide the following:

  • Brand name
  • Pack and size
  • Price
  • Distributor and/or manufacturer number
  • Inventory level to maintain

An effective managed order guide will keep quality of product consistent, as well as lower total costs.  The guide lowers total cost because of the product evaluations that have and continue to be conducted, as well as discouraging off inventory ordering.  In the many situations we have studied, off inventory ordering is one of the largest contributors to increased costs and inconsistent product quality.  Also, keep in mind that a Material Safety Data Sheet may be needed for new products that are brought into stock.

A managed order guide can work equally well within a manual or automated ordering system.  The key to a successful managed order guide is the constant evaluation of products being ordered and the consistency in ordering the same approved products.

Finally, as the economy has not improved and people as well as companies have become more desperate, order scams have increased. A managed order guide along with the approved list of suppliers goes a long way in helping to insure that your operation is not victimized by a scam.

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PRIME Services

PRIME Services, from its original roots as a purchasing and consulting company in 1983, has grown into one of the largest group purchasing organizations for nursing homes and assisted living communities across the United States.

Today, PRIME Services has three divisions, all focused on removing costs from the supply chain while increasing operational efficiency. The three divisions are; Group Purchasing and Custom Contracting, Consulting and Purchasing Services (CAPS), and a Technology Division

Be sure to mention you're a PRIME Services member when calling in to ensure you receive additional discounts that are available exclusively to PRIME Services members.


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